Got Money to Bern?

Bernie Sanders will put a stop to this burgeoning economy. Together with our comrades from around the nation, we will experience a great leap forward towards a true United States Socialist Republic. Like the Bolsheviks and the Bolivarians before us this cultural revolution will not come easy, but in the end we will achieve a worker’s paradise of sustenance queues and rarity of resources.

1985 – Bernie Praises Breadlines in Nicaragua

By invitation of the brutal socialist Sandinista government, Bernie Sanders traveled to Nicaragua in 1985 to attend the celebration parade of the “Seventh Anniversary of the Revolution.” Despite their known human rights atrocities of torture, rape, kidnapping, mutilation and murder, Bernie said he was “impressed” with the “intelligence and sincerity” of Sandinista leaders and even offered them advice on how to handle their bad PR problem in the U.S. In an interview, he suggested that their bread lines were a “good thing.” Yes, obviously bread lines are better than starving (not a high bar to set?) but it is a far cry from a healthy economic utopia.



May 28, 1988 – Bernie Honeymoons in the Soviet Union

The day after they were married in 1988, Bernie Sanders and his wife flew to the Soviet Union (Russia) for their honeymoon. Despite perpetual food shortages and widespread poverty in the USSR at that time, Bernie had no qualms upon his return about lavishing praise on their extravagant public transportation system and other government programs.



2011 - Bernie Posts Article on His Website About Venezuela & American Dream

In 2011, Senator Bernie Sanders posted an article on his website from the Valley News Editorial Board about the wealth inequality in the United States. The article closed with the following: “These days, the American dream is more apt to be realized in South America, in places such as Ecuador, Venezuela and Argentina…than they are in the [United States].” Today, Venezuela is not only under the thumb of a violent socialist dictator, but their economy is entirely destitute and there is widespread starvation due to food shortages. All despite having the largest oil reserves in the entire world.


Bernie Sanders Article on Website Saying Venezuela More likely to see American Dream


2019 - Bernie Refuses to Call Maduro A Dictator

In 2017, Venezuela’s Supreme Court of Justice (backed by socialist President Nicolás Maduro) attempted to take over the National Assembly (legislative body). This sparked widespread protests throughout Venezuela which has been countered with violence from the government. When asked, Bernie refused to call Maduro a dictator despite video evidence of Venzuela’s soldiers running over protestors, numerous human rights violations, political imprisonings, and more. This has angered many Florida Democrats and Venezuelan immigrants.




That is how much money Bernie Sanders made in 2017 alone – more than 99.9% of all Americans. Bernie says that the top 1% like to hoard their money and not help the little guy – well that’s true for Bernie as well. He donated just 3.4% of his income in 2018.

Yes, they (the middle class) will pay more in taxes.

Bernie Sanders
June 27, 2019

At his first Democratic debate, Bernie Sanders finally admitted that in order to even get close to funding his extravagant spending programs, the middle class tax rate will necessarily go up. In fact, if Bernie is taking cues from Denmark (a reference he makes consistently), America’s middle class should expect to forfeit 60% of their income on average to income taxes!

Democratic Socialism in Practice

Nicolás Maduro Venezuelan Democratic Socialist Dictator

Nicolás Maduro


Democratically Elected Socialist Dictator

After assuming the role as acting president after Chavez’ death, socialist Nicolás Maduro was democratically elected to become the leader of Venezuela in 2013 by a narrow margin. However, like his socialist predecessor Hugo Chavez, Maduro’s actions in office have led to rapidly declining economic and political freedom for his people. Inflation is set to reach 10 million percent this year and widespread food and medical shortages have led to vast numbers of Venezuelans starving in the streets. During Maduro’s reign, the country’s currency has decreased in value by 97% – all despite sitting on a practical gold mine of oil reserves (the largest in the world). It seems socialism in Venezuela has proved to be less than beneficial to its citizens – despite being elected democratically.

Democratic Socialist Venezuela's economy tanked under Maduro
Salvador Allende Chile Democratic Socialist Dictator

Salvador Allende


Democratically Elected Socialist Dictator

In 1970, socialist Salvador Allende was democratically elected as the president of Chile. He quickly began seizing the means of production – nationalizing large scale industries and agriculture. Allende’s centralized government implemented price fixes for consumer goods and created programs to provide free services to his citizens. Unfortunately, his socialist economic system quickly fell apart. The combination of government spending, price freezes, and minimum wage hikes caused the deficit to rise and hyperinflation to set in. Once again, democratic socialism proved to be a disastrous choice.

Chile's real wages during the dictatorship of Allende
Orange lines mark the reign of Allende as president