Not me. I’m an old rich white man.

I am the 1%. I am a millionaire. I own 3 homes. I fly around on a private jet spewing pollution over the peasants. I am a socialist – an economic system which has killed hundreds of millions of people. How do I sleep at night? Very comfortably.

Bernie Sanders Millionaire

A sexist essay Bernie wrote in 1972

I bet you thought Joe Biden was the only creepy old man in this race. Nope! Bernie Sanders wrote this article in 1972 for a small alt paper called the “Vermont Freeman.”


That is how much money Bernie Sanders made in 2017 alone – more than 99.9% of all Americans. Bernie says that the top 1% like to hoard their money and not help the little guy – well that’s true for Bernie as well. He donated just 3.4% of his income in 2018.